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Aussies spend more than they realise: survey

Many Australians are unable to keep a proper track of what they spend each week, a new survey shows.

A Visa survey of more than 1,000 Australians – conducted as part of a wider international survey of 12,000 adults – found Australians are unable to account for a third of the cash they spend each week, despite more than 50 percent of people trying to stick to a budget.

Australia has one of the highest proportional rates of cash spending which cannot be accounted for, with more than a third of the $176 total cash spend per person per week ($59) unaccounted for, the survey found.

“The figure is more than double the international average in the survey which shows a cash spend of $120 per week with $24 not accounted for,” Visa said in a statement.

Japanese and Americans were found to be the best at keeping track of their money.