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Aussies believe outsourcing damages the economy

More and more, Australian companies are turning to offshore markets to reduce the cost of business services. But while one in three Australian companies are taking their business offshore, two in three Australians believe outsourcing work damages the economy, according to a recent Talent2 survey.

“Outsourcing is a pretty contentious issue and many are concerned that outsourcing drains work away from Australians and lowers the standard,” says John Banks of Talent2. “Many are clamouring for some kind of regulatory framework that puts strict parameters around what can and cannot be outsourced.”

Interestingly, more than 40 percent of the respondents would choose to sign up with a company that keeps its customer service onshore.

“Not all outsourcing goes offshore—a proportion stays here and is generally managed much more effectively than overseas, results in greater efficiency and saves money,” says Banks. “However, Australia needs a better understanding of the long term outcomes of offshore outsourcing so we can use this to ensure that employment opportunities, quality of service and the Australian economy are properly protected well into the future.”

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