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Credit: Atlassian

Atlassian backs Aussie startups with new free tools program

Atlassian has unveiled a new initiative aimed at equipping startup teams with the essential tools they need to build and scale their companies.

Dubbed “Atlassian for Startups,” this program underscores the company’s commitment to fostering the next generation of Australian startups, particularly in a challenging funding landscape that demands a shift from growth to strong performance and profitability.

The Atlassian for Startups program offers up to 50 free seats across its portfolio to eligible startups for a one-year period. This includes access to leading products such as Jira, Confluence, Loom, Jira Product Discovery, Bitbucket, and Compass.

Through this initiative, participating companies can:

  1. Accelerate product development with Jira.
  2. Consolidate team knowledge using Confluence.
  3. Enhance communication with asynchronous video via Loom.
  4. Capture and prioritize ideas through Jira Product Discovery.
  5. Improve the developer experience with Bitbucket and Compass.
  6. Leverage AI capabilities with Atlassian Intelligence (AI).

“Atlassian for Startups is designed to help teams focus on innovation and deliver value to their customers, especially in the early stages of their development,” the company stated.

Program Features

  • Jira Product Discovery Standard: For tech founders and product managers to prioritize ideas, with up to 10 seats.
  • Jira Premium: Facilitates sprint planning, agile development, and asynchronous collaboration, with up to 50 seats.
  • Confluence Premium: Provides startup templates and knowledge management tools, with up to 50 seats.
  • Compass: Offers tools for tracking service health, delivery performance, and onboarding engineers as teams grow.
  • Bitbucket: Source code management (SCM) and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, with up to 50 seats.
  • Loom: Advanced screen recording and video editing tool, with up to 50 seats.

Eligibility Criteria 

To qualify for Atlassian for Startups, companies must:

  • Not be existing Atlassian paid customers.
  • Be VC-funded or associated with a partner accelerator.
  • Have raised no more than US$10 million in external funding.

Eligible companies will receive free access to Atlassian Cloud products for 12 months for up to 50 users, with Jira Product Discovery offering 10 free creator users and unlimited contributors.

The Atlassian for Startups program is ongoing, providing each startup with free licenses for one year. Before the end of the 12-month period, startups will have the option to renew or cancel any of the products they are using.

For more information or to apply, startups can visit Atlassian’s official website.

Interested startups can register here.

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