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Adobe offers publishers an easy way to create for iPad

Adobe has launched the software that helped create WIRED magazine’s June issue for the iPad as a tool any publisher can use to publish content to the iPad.

Adobe iPadAdobe’s new publishing software was developed with input from Condé Nast’s WIRED magazine which debuted on the Apple iPad this month.  Adobe Labs plans to help publishers to transform InDesign CS5 layouts into compelling applications like WIRED magazine’s Digital Reader Application for the ipad.

Mark Phibbs, marketing director for Adobe Asia Pacific steered clear of saying this technology launched a new ‘paradigm’ in publishing, but wasn’t far from it.

“The launch of the new digital viewer technology is significant for the publishing sector in Asia Pacific as publishers look for new business models, new markets and new creative opportunities that help them extend their brands online, creating new audiences of loyal and engaged readers.” Mr Phibbs said.

Michael Stoddart, product marketing manager at Adobe Pacific emphasised the opportunity for Australian publishers to take advantage of the Adobe digital publishing platform and tap into international demand for their publications.

“The publishing sector in APAC is the fastest-growing magazine publishing sector in the world – and there’s no doubt that APAC publishers will lead the world in willingness to adopt new devices and new go-to-market models. They’re adaptive, entrepreneurial and dealing with an extremely savvy and online readership. Through this technology, Adobe continues to lead in the publishing technology sector, and to deliver on its mission of revolutionising how the world engages with information.” Mr Stoddart said.

Watch the video below to see WIRED’s iPad edition in action and the Adobe tools used to create it.

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