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80 percent of Australians seek computer help from friends

Are you the resident ‘IT geek’ that everyone goes to for help?  Or, according to a survey commissioned by remote IT provider LogMeIn, are you one of the 80 per cent of Australians who seek help from family or friends with their IT problems?

LogMeIn on the iPad
LogMeIn on the iPad

A survey of 1200 full and part-time Australian workers has revealed 80 per cent of workers have asked a friend or family member for help with their home computer – with 20 percent asking for help at least once a month.

The Newspoll study commissioned by remote access software company LogMeIn found that more Australian workers have asked a friend or family member to fix a problem with their home computer, compared to 53 percent of respondents who revealed they asked an IT professional for help.

Out of the 80 percent of respondents who have asked for help with their home computer from a friend or family member, females (89 percent) were more likely to ask for help compared to males (73 percent). The study also found 17 per cent of workers have never asked a friend or family for help with their home computer.

Matt Fleming, Senior Business Manager of LogMeIn, commented: “There’s a resident ‘geek’ in every family or network of friends that people turn to for help with computer glitches.  If you’re that go-to person, you don’t always have the time to physically be there to provide help.   Also, as anyone will tell you trying to assist someone over the phone can be frustrating when you’re not sitting in front of the same computer screen.”

Fleming continued, “With LogMeIn’s remote technology, it is now simple to log-in to another home computer no matter where you are or the time of day.  Whether you’re on a notebook, desktop or iPhone all you need is an Internet connection to remotely access a desktop.”

LogMeIn specialises in providing remote access to PCs and Macs from virtually any Internet-connected computer or an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.
“It is simple to quickly and securely take control of a desktop and walk your friend or family member through the problem without having to physically be there.  Computer gurus can now solve problems at a fraction of the time it usually takes,” said Fleming.

For more information on the Free version of LogMeIn’s remote access software, visit www.LogMeInFree.com

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