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8 risks when you ignore social media

Ignoring social media because you think you can’t prove results? Here’s what you risk.

Social media ROI has always been a touchy subject. You’ll find divided camps: those who emphasize that social media should not be expected to perform like a direct response tactic and those who can provide all kinds of empirical formulas for calculating social media ROI. But one move will have more measurable impact on your bottom line than the number of Likes, mentions or +1s will ever have: ignoring.

Popularized by former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett, the so-called ‘risk of ignoring’ references the dangers for companies that choose to turn a blind eye to social media while everyone else in their world embraces it. Here are those risks.

Conversations go on without you

If you’re MIA, you better hope people are saying positive things about your company because you won’t be there to defend yourself. If people want to talk to you and can’t find you on social media, they’ll talk about that too, and then their friends and connections will see you’re absent. These are all the wrong kind of amplification effects.

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