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7 steps to landing and profiting from celebrity customers

What the team on Animal Planet’s Tanked learned from working with Tracy Morgan

Every business would love to have a movie star or pop idol rave about (and be photographed using) their product or service. These kind of endorsements have been known to make business skyrocket. But dealing with celebrities can be tricky. Celebs get millions of sample products in the mail from businesses hopeful of catching their eye, and they are notoriously hard to please.
Recently, on the Animal Planet reality-TV show Tanked, the custom-aquarium builders of Los Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing got an opportunity to build a massive shark tank in the basement of the New Jersey home of 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan. Here’s how they played that celebrity connection for maximum effect:

1. Respond immediately. If you get a tip that a celebrity has a need for your type of business, hop on it right away. Here, the ATM team caught a break – co-owner Brett Raymer was watching The View and happened to catch Morgan’s request for a custom tank. Within minutes, ATM was on the phone and shortly after, on a plane to Morgan’s New Jersey mansion. Most celebrity connections won’t be quite this easy, but it can be worth scanning the celebrity magazines and websites for interviews to learn what stars are into and watch for a business opportunity.

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