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6 ways to compete with the big boys

Think the little guy can’t compete? Think again. Check out these simple steps to beat the big guys at their own game. 

As a national public relations boutique agency, we are often pitted against larger PR firms in the marketplace when competing for a desirable client. This situation does not intimidate our team whatsoever; in fact, it gets everyone excited, because it forces us to bring nothing but our A game and show how our point of differentiation can be a welcome and refreshing approach for a brand seeking a PR partner. The following six steps offer advice on how small or boutique agencies can be more successful when pitching for new business against their formidable large-agency foes.

1. Have a strong POV

You must tell the prospect what you think about their brand regardless of how risky it may seem given that you have little access to the internal perspectives, politics, and understanding of the brand. The big agencies will come into any new business meeting prepared with data; therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to show your insightful intelligence, as clients hire counselors who understand their business objectives and who are willing to take a stand on what they believe. They do not want yes men and women, and as such will love an agency that provides a contrarian point of view or challenges the status quo. That is a true partner!

2. Don’t template your program or proposal

There is a perception that big agencies take a very template approach to their new business programs. That really isn’t the case, but smaller agencies do have much more latitude to develop programs that are anchored in strategy but offer a very rich creative approach that larger agencies sometimes struggle to deliver. Therefore, make sure your ideas are fresh, but never lose sight of them being executable – nobody wants a creative idea that can’t be delivered.

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