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5 ways to create a happy office

Is your office feeling blah? Good news: You don’t have to live with that “meh” vibe. Learn five ways to perk it up that may surprise you.

Some days, the office is filled with excitement, but on others it feels as if you’re dragging though sludge. No workplace should ever feel drab and dreary. With some forethought and action, you can easily perk up the environment.

For inspiration, I consulted a happiness expert. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I went to Sarah Endline, founder of sweetriot, a fast-growing chocolate company. We brainstormed on ways to create a happy workplace. To my shock, she did not suggest Oompa Loompas, but between us, we came up with these tips.

1. Get Some Real Art

Forget the pictures of people with motivational sayings or old garage-sale prints. Get art that conveys emotion and tells stories. Give people in your office the opportunity and budget to find (or make) artwork that really speaks to them. Solicit local artists to show their work on your walls. Studies show that great art improves mood. Sweetriot features real artwork on every package, as well as in its office. It also has photos of cacao trees and cacao farmers, which are an integral part of its chocolate process. An adviser of Endline’s once said, Wear your culture on your walls, and so it does.

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