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Woman holding her fingers at temples, looking stressed

5 ways to cope with working from home

How to relieve anxiety and remain productive when you can’t make it into the office.

With millions of people still unable to make it to their offices in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many entrepreneurs are likely spending this week working from home. While working from home is a reality for many, it can be a difficult adjustment for those who are used to the collaborative environment of an office. Toronto-based psychologist Amanada Beaman, who specialises in anxiety disorders, says natural disasters and events that are out of our control tend to heighten uncertainty, causing us to feel anxious and can negatively affect our productivity.

Use these tips to ensure your workday at home remains productive:

1. Be conscious of unproductive worry. During times of stress, you may find yourself forecasting into the future and worrying about hypothetical situations. Beaman says focusing on “what if” situations is unproductive worry. “It’s unproductive because there’s no real problem yet that can actually be solved,” she says.

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