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5 Technology trends to watch

The Consumer Electronics Association unveiled its annual look forward to the most promising tech developments of the year.

Because technology evolves so quickly, nailing down trends with staying power is no easy task. Even so, a few underlying movements are so big that they’re impossible to ignore.

On Monday, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) identified a few of these key tech trends based on consumer market research. The company released the 2013 edition of its annual Five Technology Trends to Watch in conjunction with a panel discussion among technology experts on the implications of each trend at the CEA Industry Forum in San Francisco. Panelists included CEA chief economist Shawn DuBravac, Technology Review editor Rachel Metz, and TechSavvy Global CEO Scott Steinberg. Here’s what they had to say on each trend:

1. 3-D printers will go mainstream.

DuBravac stood behind this technology as the one to watch closest in 2013. “Just as Microsoft always had a vision that there would be a tablet on every desk, I could see a 3-D printer in every home,” DuBravac said. All three panelists agreed that although 3-D printing is certainly gaining steam-and traction (3-D guitar, anyone?)-it still seems to be a trend that’s a few years away. However, DuBravac believes that the experimentation process will certainly influence creation and customisation in the coming years.

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