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5 mistakes you’re making online

For a powerful online presence, what you don’t do is as important as what you should be doing.

Packing a powerful presence online is about more than what you should do-sometimes it’s also about what you need to stop doing.

Here are five major missteps that are worth double-checking:

1. The overshare 

Your Facebook account doesn’t pull double duty as a confessional. Twitter? It’s not a 140-character version of Dr. Phil. Leave the highly personal subjects for when you’re actually in person–with your friends and family. There are far too many instances where a story or anecdote, seemingly harmless, sucker-punches your small business, employment status, or romantic life. Don’t become a cautionary tale.

2. The start-and-stop 

Congratulations, you’ve started your first blog! It’s fun, right? Fast-forward a few weeks and the blog that seemed like enjoyable evidence of your web savvy is the digital equivalent of a New Year’s diet resolution: You’re so over it. It’s hard to feed the content beast-and even tougher to do it well. If you’re not committed, take your blog down. Or, investigate a faster, lower-effort option (Tumblr, anyone?) and stick with it.

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