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5 AI programs that are dominating businesses today

If your business hasn’t jumped on the AI bandwagon yet, you’re not only missing out on improved productivity, you’re probably still bogged down in menial busywork.

Companies across the world have embraced AI (in fact, 76 per cent use the technology to complete general processes), and they’re all reaping the benefits. These range from assistance with general tasks, content generation, organisation, and the management and distribution of knowledge.

The role of AI is to complement, not replace, human abilities, so don’t be swayed by the fearmongering, and don’t get left behind. Here are five tools you need to start using today. 

Chat GPT

If you haven’t used Chat GTP yet, chances are you’ve heard of it. Basically, it’s an AI conversation partner. When prompted, it can generate a human-like response, creating everything from a pros and cons list to a blog post. Chat GTP can boost both productivity and solve problems within your business. To get the most out of the technology, it’s best to use simple but precise prompts, so include things like the format and style, word limit and tone you’d like. You can even ask it to mimic the voice of authors you admire. If you’re sifting through a lot of information, you can also ask ChatGTP to present it in a tabular form. 


Sick of taking notes during meetings? Let Fireflies.ai do it for you. This tool will transcribe meetings for you so you can focus on the discussion at hand. Not only does it have speaker identification, it will also highlight keywords and allow you to search and share specific moments. When setting the tech up, be sure to customise your settings. For example, you can select which meetings should be transcribed automatically, select who receives meeting recaps and also select what type of industry you’re in so it can optimise its speech model.


If your Slack workspace is inundated with messages you’ll never read, try theGist. This AI-powered tool will provide you with concise summaries of your Slack channels and threads and deliver daily digests, which allow you to catch up in seconds. Stop switching between platforms and use this guy to keep up to date with everything happening across the business and within your team.


If you’re in the business of copywriting, jasper.ai is for you. Specifically geared towards copywriting, this AI is a content creator’s best friend. Use it to optimise your marketing campaigns, create blog posts and generate headline suggestions. For best results, keep the commands simple, but don’t forget to be specific. If you want certain details included in the content, ask for them directly.


This knowledge management system is like your personal Google. Think of it as a centralised database in which you can put your personal knowledge and notes from other sources. You can then save, organise and retrieve this information within seconds. To maximise its self-organising capabilities, be sure to use tags, as these can then correspond to multiple categories. It also helps create bidirectional links.

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