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4 ways introverted young treps can win in an extroverted world

It’s not easy for introverted young treps to put themselves out there, but these tips can help you master the networking scene.

In business, personal weaknesses can be a liability — only if you don’t acknowledge them.

While business culture typically favors those who speak loud and act fast, we often undervalue the power of introverts at work and in society, says Susan Cain, author of Quiet, (Crown, 2012). They tend to think through problems and consider decisions more carefully than extroverts — traits that could help introverted entrepreneurs build companies.

Yet, activities that drive new businesses, such as pitching investors, cold calling prospects and approaching strangers at networking events, can be daunting to entrepreneurs with quiet, introspective personalities. How can they succeed at such activities and even manage to take advantage of their introversion? We asked several self-described introverts who’ve cracked the code to provide tips for how young introverted treps can win in an extroverted world.

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