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3M’s ‘Post-it’ note celebrates 30th birthday

3M’s Post-it Notes celebrate their 30th birthday this year, with the yellow 3″ squares revolutionising the way we take notes attach passwords insecurely to our computers’ monitor.

Psychometric Testing ProcessSince 1980 the original Canary Yellow Post-it Note has become a ubiquitous mainstay in offices, homes, schools and everywhere in between.  More than a billion of the original Canary Yellow Post-it Note, the conveniently sticky, 3×3 squares have been sold in over 150 countries.

“The Post-it Brand has always been about making communication and organisation easier,” explains Brent White, Post-it’s Marketing Manager.

“By demonstrating product versatility and a commitment to contemporary consumers’ concerns, such as sustainability, the Post-it brand continues to introduce new and innovative solutions to the world as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. We hear on a daily basis from many people that life without these iconic products is simply unimaginable.” said Mr White.

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David Olsen

David Olsen

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