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38 percent of Fortune 1000 companies ‘paperless’

The results of a survey of more than 300 Fortune 1000 executives revealed that companies are investing in ruggedized handhelds and going paperless to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Sixty-percent of executives surveyed said their workforces are more mobile than ever before and 67 percent are interested in replacing their consumer PDAs, mobile phones and smartphones with ruggedized handheld devices.

paperless officeWith 94 percent of executives surveyed currently using PDA/smart phones, 72 percent using mobile phones and 23 percent using ruggedized handhelds, the findings reveal that a significant shift may soon occur in mobile workforces.

The survey results also uncovered the fact that the executives surveyed are transitioning to paperless operations to reduce costs, improve productivity and environmental responsibility. Of those surveyed:

  • 38 percent are already paperless
  • 29 percent are transitioning to paperless operations
  • 15 percent plan on going paperless in the near term

“Since deploying Intermec rugged mobile computers customer satisfaction and worker productivity have reached new heights,” said Mike Leyland, IT Director, Hermes.  “The increased efficiencies provided by the mobility solution helped our organization to be more environmentally responsible and led our couriers to say they will never go back to working with paper again.”

“Eliminating dependencies on paper is just one of the many ways that a rugged mobile computer outperforms a consumer smartphone,” said Pat Byrne, president & chief executive officer of Intermec. “Intermec rugged mobile computers provide the TCO and unparalleled feature set that enables our customers to significantly transform the way business is done.”

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