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3 signs it’s time to quit your day job

You can’t choose a path to entrepreneurship – it chooses you. Here are three signs it’s time to start chasing your dream.

Ambitious people usually don’t work well under corporate confines. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart your passion will, eventually, lead you elsewhere.

Before starting Avondale, we each had backgrounds in larger companies. For both of us, getting out wasn’t an option, it was more of a necessity. As we like to say, you can’t choose a path of entrepreneurship, it chooses you.

Here are three signs that it’s time to leave your corner office and follow your entrepreneur dreams:

1. You’re unfulfilled in your job and it’s filtering to other areas of your life.

At Avondale we like to promote a healthy work/life balance. With our travel schedules and frequent nights away from our families, we like for our team to take days off to maintain that balance. As the saying goes, one should “work hard and play hard.”

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