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11 tips to find the best LinkedIn groups

If you’re using LinkedIn only to make connections, you’re missing out.

A friend of mine landed his last six clients as a direct result of his participation in LinkedIn Groups. Another sees his groups as a natural extension of his social media marketing efforts.

And believe it or not (I still find it hard to believe), a third somehow managed to meet her fiancé in an HR-focused group.

LinkedIn groups are informal communities formed around industries, professions, themes, niche topics, etc. Because any LinkedIn member can create one, there are now well over a million groups. Find and join the right groups, and it’s easy to keep up with news and trends, make connections, ask and answer questions, land new clients – even start a romance. (Well, maybe that last one isn’t so easy.) Here’s how to find the right groups for you:

Set your goals.

Because groups are relatively focused, one group probably can’t meet all your needs. Decide whether you’re looking to connect with potential clients, establish your credentials and authority, learn more about your field – determine what you hope to achieve.

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