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New solution helping SMEs cut electricity costs

Melbourne-based SMEs looking to cut their electricity costs now have access to a new solution from CarbonetiX, which is designed to help businesses cut their consumption by up to 50 percent.

CarbonetiX’s ‘Energy Doctor Check-ups’ provide an onsite assessment and custom report on business energy use, helping businesses to reduce their consumption by up to 50 percent.

The solution focuses on being smarter about electricity use and waste  in order to increase productivity and reduce future bills.

CarbonetiX director Bruce Rowse says: “We wanted to bring [our] industry experience with larger commercial clients to smaller businesses, at an affordable price. We believe that with Energy Doctor most businesses can achieve net-savings in under a year.”

The assessment and report given to each business comes at a cost of $499 plus GST and shows business owners different ways they can achieve energy savings, includes no cost and low cost alternatives.

This solution involves simply reducing energy consumption rather than finding the cheapest rates or entering long contracts with other energy solution providers. With the prospect of increasing energy costs CarbonetiX encourages energy conservation strategies to help business customers cut energy costs, energy use and carbon emissions.

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Maree Sorbello

Maree Sorbello

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