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Ageing computers and IT budgets for small businesses mean one thing: it’s important to maximise the performance of the systems in your network, using as few dollars as possible.

New performance upgrades, such as SSDs (Solid State Drives), allow SMBs to breathe new life into their ageing PC fleet – and save money while they’re at it. Here are three reasons why we recommend SSDs over new PCs in 2013.

SSDs breathe new life into ageing systems.

One of the main reasons SMBs often purchase new systems is for enhanced productivity, but new PCs come at a hefty price. With SSDs, however, performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed to meet budget constraints. For a fraction of the cost of buying new systems, the hard drives in older PCs can be updated with SSDs.

Since SSDs use flash memory to store data, the user can access data almost instantly. SSDs offer powerful load and boot times, along with an increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs. SSDs are compatible with both PC and Mac systems and are designed to empower employees to achieve more.

SSDs offer improved data security and reliability.

In business, data is a competitive advantage. Whether it’s the inside information on your latest product or your customers’ credit card numbers, information in the wrong hands has the potential to devastate business. That’s where data encryption comes in.

The Crucial M500 SSD is a secure encrypting drive that includes top-level hardware encryption to protect confidential information. Not only does the drive keep the data protected, it’s also more reliable than a hard drive since it doesn’t have small moving parts that are prone to failure. This is also perfect for a small business that may not have the luxury of having backup PCs lying around.

SSDs allow you to forgo new system purchases until DDR4 memory is released.

By upgrading to SSDs now and waiting to overhaul major hardware till later, there’s a powerful benefit you can take advantage of: the upcoming availability of DDR4 memory technology. This January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Crucial unveiled the world’s first public demonstration of DDR4 technology, which is designed to power the systems of tomorrow. DDR4 memory will be available at the end of 2013 and will allow the SMB process data twice as fast, load applications faster, experience quick snap responsiveness and increased ability to multitask and handle data-intensive programs.

By outfitting your current PCs with an SSD, you’ll be able to hold off on major system upgrades until next-gen processors and memory become available. That’s what we call a win in the short term and the long term.

The bottom line: With nearly instant boot times, powerful data transfer speeds, increased multitasking capability, and proven reliability, a solid-state drive is a cost-effective way to upgrade your ageing PCs and enable your workforce to achieve more.

About the author

Mathew Luu is the Marketing Manager of Micron Consumer Products Group ANZ, South Asia & Japan. Luu has more than 12 years of product experience across multiple categories, including PC, storage, displays, digital Imaging, personal audio, consumer electronics, networking, software, peripherals, gaming, consumables, supplies and digital media.

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