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Could you qualify for a government business grant?

Cash flow and access to startup capital are the stalwart issues for Australian SMEs. Have you fully investigated the range of government grants for which you may be eligible?

Mike Boorn Plener, convener of the annual Grants Connector* event said that following the election, small business owners would benefit from identifying the full range of funding opportunities available.

“Business owners are seeing that traditional options for getting finance are closed to them and often do not know that there are over 600 government funding options available – and then do not know how to start the process,” Plener said.

Plener listed the key reasons many business owners do not access government funding:

Not knowing what they are entitled to. With not only grants but also rebates and incentive schemes it is not always easy to understand entitlements.

Not having the time. When a business owner is taking on so many roles in the business, research on government funding options is not always a priority.

Not knowing who to turn to. There are many aspects to accessing this funding and there are often many experts needed to help with a single application.

*Grants Connector is an annual event featuring speakers across federal, state and local government about grants, incentives, rebates and other forms of government assistance available to local business owners.

Business owners can take this quiz to find out more of their entitlements and being successful with grants.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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