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Tens of thousands of dollars are slipping away from the bottom line of Australian businesses, as owners continue to purchase ad hoc essential items from retailers instead of planning ahead and bulk buying.

Buying bulk quantities from manufacturers or larger distributors create a saving of up to 40 percent on packaging expenses, according to packaging and consumables manufacturer and distributor Signet.

“Many businesses don’t realise just how much the little things add up … packaging products such as packaging tape and cardboard cartons potentially responsible for over $3,000* worth of annual savings alone,” Signet Chairman Mark Brennan said.

“We have clients spend $13,000* per year on stretch film to distribute goods. If they were buying ad hoc from resellers you would see that cost blow out to well over $25,000*.”

Vet-n-Pet DIRECT, an online distribution company selling veterinary and pet health products, is already seeing the benefits of bulk buying.

According to Manager Cindy Lehfeldt, the company is making savings right across its distribution network, allowing it to focus on the important things “like growing our core business.”

“We are astounded by just how much we’re saving from thinking ahead and buying in bulk, not to mention the time we saved.”

Brennan argues that bulk buying is essential to the long-term success of Australian businesses.

“Times are tough and business are always looking for ways to save on the bottom line. By thinking and spending a little more in the short term, Aussie businesses stand to win big in the long-term.”

*Signet bulk price for stretch film $8.65, compared to the Average competitor of $16.50

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