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Half of Australian businesses ignore energy efficiency

Almost half of Australian businesses have ignoring environmental concerns as they snub energy efficiency and energy reduction measures.

Energy efficiencyAccording to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, a meagre 5 percent of Australian businesses have audited their energy usage and almost half have avoided taking action to improve their energy efficiency.

Tim Wolfenden, CEO of MakeItCheaper.com.au, an independent business energy price comparison service, believes that the statistics are misleading.

“These statistics highlight a severe problem with the government’s education of small businesses, not business apathy,” he said.

“The government has invested millions of dollars in its GreenPower program but the campaign will continue to fail when it means additional costs to businesses.”

Wolfenden believes that the take up of the GreenPower program will continue to be snubbed by businesses if they are expected to pay more for green energy, when they already contribute to the government’s mandatory renewable energy targets directly through their energy bills.

“There’s a serious neglect by the government in educating and empowering businesses to better manage their energy use. Reducing energy consumption rather than signing up to the GreenPower program is the easiest and quickest way for businesses to positively impact Australia’s carbon footprint,” he explained.

An average SME spends around $8,000 on their energy bill. By reducing their energy use and switching to a cheaper provider they could save anywhere from $800 up to $1600 per year.

Make It Cheaper: Top 3 Energy Saving Tips
Air Conditioning:
Turn down your AC unit a couple of degrees – means it will work less, and use less.
Top Tip: Use the ‘Recycle’ function on the air conditioner. Cooling air from inside uses less power that cooling hot air from outside
Lighting: Fit energy saving light bulbs. They last 10 times longer than ordinary light bulbs!
Top Tip: In larger businesses consider installing motion sensors to control unnecessary lighting of low traffic areas
Office Equipment: If you’re not going to use it again for 10 mins or more, turn it off.
Top Tip: Turn it off!

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