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75% of business owners do not support a carbon tax or ETS

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry released results of a national survey of over 1,000 Australian business owners showing that 75 percent currently oppose the unilateral adoption of an emissions training scheme or carbon tax

75% of business owners do not support a carbon tax or ETS
Carbon Tax

Until such time as an international consensus can be reached on action on climate change, the majority of Australian business owners favor action on climate change in the form of promoting energy efficiency.

Mr Greg Evans, Director of Economics and Industry Policy for the ACCI feels that until there is international certainty on the issue, a carbon tax or ETS is not an option welcomed by Australian businesses, even if it means creating certainty around the issue for business.

“Taxing our economy with a carbon tax or unilaterally imposing an emissions trading scheme has low business support in the current environment. The reality is business and consumers face the prospect of a doubling of energy prices by 2015 with little global gain.” he said

“Calls for a carbon tax or ETS in the name of business certainty don’t represent the general view of business owners. Real business certainty only exists in an internationally competitive economy.”

ACCI’s survey also found:

  • the level of energy costs is businesses’ most significant infrastructure concern;
  • more than twice as many business owners oppose than support an ETS or carbon tax in advance of other major emitting nations; and
  • support in the current environment for an emissions trading system is down to one in four business owners.

“Industry is keen to work on energy efficiency measures where there is common ground on reducing emissions along with business costs. The provision of capital allowances for more efficient and lower-emitting plant and equipment such as the successful investment allowance used during the global financial crisis would be a step in the right direction.” said Mr Evans.

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