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Can you build your business, like you would your house?

Australia is in the midst of one of the most significant economic booms in our history – the capitalist model under challenge, in a way that was inconceivable at the start of the new Millennium.

So what is at the core of this dilemma? Business has moved away from its essence. The original purpose of business was to provide goods and services to the communities, which it served, so that the owners could ‘put food on the table for their families.’

Over centuries this has been distorted to become, the purpose of business is to make money and to increase shareholder value.

If I was to build a house, I would employ an architect to create drawings in order to answer the question, what will the house look like? Planning to become a “great golfer”? I would have a template in my mind about what that might look like!

Ask many business owners what their business might look like as a high- performing sustainable business creating authentic value, and very few will have a view.

The challenge is to find out what is at the heart of the business; what capabilities does this business need and how do I build them? These are the big questions.

Business leaders, it is your responsibility to address this challenge.

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