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An Exclusive Talk with Elke Pascoe, Founder of LittleOak Organics

Aussie mum and entrepreneur Elke Pascoe realised her dream ‘to never see a child go hungry and to help them to be happy and healthy’ when she established LittleOak Organics in 2016.

LittleOak Organics is a boutique health and nutrition company specialising in nutritional products for babies and children, in particular, infant formula and toddler milks.

Elke became interested in the health benefits of goat’s milk after her son developed skin irritations from conventional dairy-based products.

After 20 years working in healthcare communications, Elke spent two years travelling the world speaking to pediatricians, goat farmers and nutritionists in her quest to develop the best possible infant formula.

Following extensive research into the benefits of goat’s milk and the ingredients that have been used in infant formula, Elke saw an opportunity to make a milk product that was more natural, nutritious and wholesome than anything else found in the Australian market.

“All parents want to give their children the best start in life, just as I did with my two babies.  At LittleOak, we support parents by offering infant formulas and milks that nourish their children to grow, thrive and flourish,” she said.

“We have dedicated ourselves to creating a product where we start from a place of ‘best product’ first, not price.  The result is a range of premium infant formula that is packed with more nutritional goodness, naturally, than any other brand.

“Goat’s milk is actually closer to human breast milk than cow’s milk or soy, which means less processing and more natural goodness.  We are also one of the first 100 per cent palm oil-free infant formulas in the world.”

The name LittleOak was inspired by Elke’s vision to make the world a more natural place.

“Before PS4, Fortnite and Xbox, kids climbed trees.  Trees are magnificent structures that symbolise strength and trust and I want those same tenets to flow through my business . . . so the fit with trees and nature was perfect,” she said.

The company is currently in talks with major supermarkets to stock LittleOak’s range of infant formula and toddler milks.  In 10 years, Elke said she would like to ‘see LittleOak serving a whole range of wholesome and nutritious foods to the next generation of scientists, athletes, mathematicians, space explorers and infant formula business owners.’

The biggest challenges for Elke in establishing LittleOaks has been money, time and support.

“As a working mum, time is already at a premium, but now it’s even more of a challenge. Like many working mums, you get very good at squishing more into less time,” she said.

“Money: You never have enough . . . but I am passionate and have a steadfast belief in our vision and, through that, have found amazing individuals here in Australia and abroad who have backed me and the business, giving LittleOak the opportunity to grow and succeed.

“When you start something, and you enter a crowded market space, you inevitably get some questions and naysayers. But through education, persistence and dogged determination, I have managed to gain the support of some fabulous people, all very accomplished and successful business people, who really believe in LittleOak and each have helped to guide our business to where we are today.

“We are focused on creating the best experience for Australian mums and dads, which starts with producing the best product.”

For more information visit littleoakorganics.com

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