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Entrepreneur profile: Promo Scape’s Tony Laughton

From humble beginnings as a kid who always wanted to work in television, came great things for Tony Laughton, CEO of Promo Scape, one of Australia’s leading DVD and Blu-ray authoring houses. Tony Laughton Promo Scape

Starting out as an editor, Tony travelled to highly dangerous, war zones in the Middle East with NBC and CBC News, also covering major events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

His reputation led him to become the resident ‘go to guy’ for all the major UK
networks seeking freelance editors. Too busy himself, he began referring work onto friends and old colleagues, which led him to set up Editors 
Un Ltd (Editors Unlimited) in 1987 – a London based, freelance crewing agency which 
grew to be the largest crewing agency in the UK by 1990. Clients included all major UK 
Broadcasters such as ITN, Channel 4, BSKYB and the BBC.

After working for all the major television networks upon his return to Australia, Tony’s keen interest in emerging technologies and the desire to expand his 
post-production skill set, saw him establish Promo Scape Pty Ltd in 2003 – a modest TV promo production company that rapidly evolved into a reputable DVD post-production company within only four months of operation.

As their reputation for quality and quick turnarounds grew, so too did Promo Scape’s business, bringing them into full on DVD and now Blu-ray production for Australian studios.

With an impressive and loyal list of clients such as Shock Entertainment, Umbrella Entertainment, Via Vision, Aztec and Visual Entertainment Group, Promo Scape is now one of 
Australia’s leading DVD and Blu-ray authoring houses, specialising in the production of 
Blu-ray and DVDs for commercial release, post authoring, on-air network promos, 
programs for broadcast and corporate television, motion graphics, broadcast graphics 
and interface design.

Tony and his team are constantly investing in the latest hardware, software and upgrades to be able to offer their clients the absolute best. They are the only post-production company in Australia to own a CINEMA 
CRAFT® HD Encoder (CC-HDe), the highest quality Blu-ray AVC video encoder in the 
world, providing the same superior encodes you see on Blu-ray titles from major 
Hollywood studios such as Disney, Pixar, Sony Pictures, Universal, Paramount and 
Warner Bros.

Tony’s vision for Promo Scape, and his future, is to educate, impress and lead the way 
in creative and technical excellence, working with major motion picture companies on 
large-scale projects.

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