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New entrepreneur in the skin care world has made $30,000 in just 3 months

Priscilla Hajiantoni’s earliest memories are of admiring her mother’s beauty and the daily rituals she took to care for her skin.

The daughter of a beauty salon owner, Priscilla’s after school education was rebooking clients, stock orders, and serving tea and coffee to all of the ladies looking after their skin.

Priscilla founded the Bangn Body brand – an all Australian, natural and vegan friendly firming and anti-ageing beauty range.

Bangn Body only launched in March and prior to its launch, Priscilla created an email wait list before the products hit the market creating hype which on the day of launch built to a hype converting into sales.

In Bangn Body’s first 3 and a half weeks, Priscilla made $7,900. Now 9 weeks in she had sold over 1,500 units totalling more than $30,000 in sales.

We chatted to Priscilla to find out more about her successful startup launch, how she did it and what her future plans are for her skin care brand.

I’m really interested in how you managed such a successful launch. What are the key things that you put in place to make this happen?

  • Having a social media presence before launch – around 3 months before launch we started uploading content to our social page to generate interest in the brand.
  • Using social media influencers that believe in the product and brand to share the product before launch – 2 weeks prior to the official product launch online we began sending out product to influential types who would upload about the product, this generated a lot of consumer interest which helped us to build our email. database for launch day
  • Generating an email list before launch

You mentioned that building an email list created a hype before launch day. What were the strategies you used for building an engaged future customer base that DB can share with our readers? 

Creating an email list by leveraging potential customers from social media is a key factor in turning followers into potential customers!

Getting people excited for what’s to come by introducing sneak peeks of what the product is and does and how it solves a key problem is how we had so many people sign up to our mailing list. Generating that excitement was our key strategy and this came by knowing who our core audience was.

Why do you think the momentum of sales has continued so well since March? 

The 5 things I have implemented to keep momentum after launch is:

  • Email marketing
  • Social proof – before and after images of our customer’s results have proven to be super successful as consumers see first hand and want to get involved.
  • Sharing reviews and testimonials of customers positive experience with using our product
  • Engaging informative content that provides value to our followers and customers
  • Doing giveaways with other companies that have a similar audience to us and leveraging each other’s audiences.

What is your plan for the future of your brand in the next 12 months and beyond?

We will be launching 2 new products before the end of this year, which we hope will continue to drive growth and sales. We have planned to collaborate with individuals and brands that align with our vision and that share the same message! We are looking at ways to be apart of a few big beauty retailers such as Mecca & Sephora to offer accessibility to our customers as well as continue making a positive change with creating products that are effective, simple, and affordable.

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