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AWSBCA 2022. Credit: Supplied

Claim your spot at the small business winners’ circle

Get ready to shine at the prestigious 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards and the Australian Trades Small Business Champion Awards.

The best part? Entries are absolutely free until July 21st and 27th, respectively.

But wait, there’s more. If you submit your entry by Wednesday, June 21st, you can be recognised as a champion in your field and automatically enter a draw for a generous cash prize of $2,500. 

Now, you might be wondering: how can you make your business award application stand out from the competition? Well, seasoned business awards judge Jo Buchanan has got your back. With her extensive experience as the Chief Operating Officer of Castaway Forecasting, a leading small business, Ms Buchanan has reviewed countless award applications. As the deadline approaches, she’s here to spill her top tips for crafting a winning application. 

Review the eligibility guidelines 

Make sure you meet all the requirements and criteria for the award you’re applying for.

Answer, answer, answer 

Ensure that you provide thorough and complete answers to all the questions asked in the application. Stick to the word limit provided.

Early bird gets the award! 

Be sure to work on your application before the last minute. Set aside dedicated time each week for a few weeks leading up to the submission deadline.

Be the real deal

Judges can often tell if you’ve used a consultant to write your application. While there’s nothing wrong with seeking assistance, remember that judges value authenticity and want to see the real you.

Open up and spill the tea

Share your story without holding back. Embrace both your successes and challenges, and be proud of your journey.

Show them the money

Judges are bound by confidentiality, so don’t be afraid to include your financial information. It can be a distinguishing factor when competing with other businesses for the award.

Oops, I spelled it again…

Rest assured that minor spelling errors won’t penalise your application. Focus on the content and quality of your submission.

Get your creative juices flowing

Have fun with your application. Get creative and incorporate humour where appropriate. This will help your application stand out from the rest.

Believe in yourself

If your small business has positively impacted your community and you have valuable experiences to share, remember that you deserve recognition.

Attend the main event and grow your network

If you’re fortunate enough to receive an award, make sure to attend the ceremony. Enjoy the praise and celebrate your achievements. Additionally, please take advantage of the networking opportunities at these events, as they can be valuable for your business.

The highly anticipated 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards features a whopping 55 categories, providing a platform to recognise and celebrate the achievements of these exceptional entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, the Australian Trades Small Business Champion Awards takes centre stage as the nation’s sole awards programme dedicated to Trades. With 44 industry categories, these awards honour the valuable contributions made by trade business owners to their communities. 

The winners of the women’s awards will be unveiled on Saturday, September 23, 2023, while the trades award winners will be announced the day before, on Friday, September 22, 2023. The grand ceremonies will occur at the brand-new Western Sydney Conference Centre in Penrith, New South Wales. 

So, seize this golden opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial prowess and propel your business to new heights. Submit your award application today and let your business shine! Head to womensbusinesschampions.com.au and tradesbusinesschampions.com.au to complete your submission. 

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