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War on red tape heats up: ‘Repeal Day’ tabled

‘Red tape’ tends to be a slogan of sorts – and the still new Federal Government hasn’t been shy in its promises to slash the regulatory burden on small business.

However in the first sign that the Government intends to act on the slogan, a ‘repeal day’ has been set down for the final parliamentary sitting week in March.

The Statute Law Revision Bill and the Amending Acts 1901-1969 Bill will propose the repealing of some 8,000 redundant federal laws, some dating back to 100 years.

The bills are still yet to be debated, and this will occur in parliament in the coming weeks.

The Government has commented that this will be the biggest single reduction in federal laws ever put before the parliament.

The plan sits within the Government’s election promise to slash red tape by $1 billion a year.

Into the New Year, the federal government plans to hold two such days per year.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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