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The top 10 highest paying and in-demand IT jobs

For too many people out there, the idea of working in the Information Technology sector is associated solely with coding, as if learning a new programming language is the only thing you can do in order to become a professional in this industry. The reality is that there are plenty of jobs available, with a myriad of roles to perform and skills to parlay. Since the industry as a whole is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, it pays to learn all about the different positions available and how they’re remunerated. With that in mind, here are 10 of the highest paying in-demand jobs in IT right now:

 1. Software Developer

The bread-and-butter of the industry, developers spend their working hours designing applications and programs, often from the ground up. Salaries can perk up considerably depending on which technologies and programming languages the developer is familiar with, but in Australia, for instance, they usually start at A$56,000 and can easily reach six-figures with enough time and experience.

 2. Software Engineer

Software engineers apply engineering principles to software creation. They are an essential part of the workforce in an economy that’s still learning to harness the full powers of Information Technology. In the US, for example, a software engineer can expect to make an average of $94,000 per year.

3. Network Engineer

In this interconnected world of hours, someone has to make sure that information networks are optimized and ready to cope with heavy usage. A network engineer designs and implements computer networks, with the ultimate goal of meeting the customer’s needs. This prestigious position earns a median salary of $92,000.

4. Program Manager

Also known as project manager, this position comes with plenty of responsibilities, from ensuring that program goals are met in a timely manner to overseeing the development team through thick and thin. In the US average salaries top out at about $83,000, but in Australia, a good program manager can earn upwards of $150,000 with the right skillset, as per the latest IT salary research.

 5. Electrical Engineer

With electricity being needed to power all this gadgetry, it’s no wonder that professionals in this position are so well-regarded. A full knowledge of electrical systems and equipment is needed, but with the proper know-how, a US electrical engineer can earn a median wage of $83.000.

6. Business Analyst

As mentioned earlier, jobs in the IT sector don’t always require high-end technical knowledge. A great business analyst, for example, needs to know how to handle the business aspects of any development process first and foremost. Translating the ideas and wishes of a board of investors into actual achievable goals isn’t easy work, and that’s why it garners salaries like $76,000 (median US wage) and A$95,000 (mid-level salary in Australia).

7. Systems Administrator

The hardware specialist that often saves the day, a good systems administrator focuses on installing and maintaining the system components needed to run any particular project or application. It’s heady work, but also fairly well-compensated, with US salaries averaging about $75,000 for this position.

8. Data Analyst

Another less technical job, but one that’s set to experience exponential growth in the years to follow. Data analysts basically mine and scrutinize information with the ultimate goal of understanding patterns that can improve and advance the decision-making process. Salaries average around $61,000 in the US.


9. Technical Writer

For people who prefer words to numbers, technical writing offers a profitable avenue into the IT industry. All software documentation, from manuals to user guides, need to originate from the steady hand of an industrious writer, which explains why technical writers are remunerated a not-too-shabby $61,000 per year on average.

10. Graphic Designer

Finally, the artsiest job of them all, graphic design is an essential part of any self-respecting industry. In the IT sector, it means handling images, logos and typography to create something beautiful and memorable. US graphic designers can expect to earn a median wage of $53,000, while their Australian counterparts have annual paychecks that range from $50,000 to $81,000.

As you can see, there’s plenty of diversity and variety even in an industry as seemingly homogenous as IT. And, with opportunities to branch out into consulting and even entrepreneurship readily available, it’s no wonder that professionals in this area generally enjoy high job satisfaction levels . Being good at your job is already a blessing; receiving such generous compensation for it makes it even better.

About the author:

Kristina Jeftic is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to several blogs. With a Bachelor degree in English language and Literature, Kristina enjoys reading, researching and sharing unique articles.

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