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The all natural vitamin brand disrupting the market

Chemist Warehouse has recently announced it is backing the launch of an all new natural vitamin company, The Natural Vitamin Co. This innovative company is really disrupting the Australian vitamin and supplement market by launching a brand new range of nutrient rich vitamins that are all natural and contain no chemicals. The vitamins are 100% natural and made from organic fruit and vegetables such as organic kale, organic holy basil extract and organic lemon peel extract. The company’s mantra is From the Garden, Not the Lab.

There are eight products in The Natural Vitamin Co. range which are all vegan, raw, gluten free and GMO-free, with naturally sourced ingredients to support a balanced lifestyle and help individuals to feel healthy. The Natural Vitamin Co. wants to promote that ‘food is medicine’ by letting their ingredients shine.

Many of the vitamins currently available on the Australian market have been made from synthetic materials and have gone through chemical processing. The Natural Vitamin Co.’s entirely new approach to vitamins provides Aussies with the benefits of an all-natural option when it comes to their vitamin consumption. Each product from the range is now available exclusively online on the Chemist Warehouse website and will be available in-store at Chemist Warehouse from early October 2018.

Co-Founder & CEO of Chemist Warehouse, Jack Gance, said, “The range is 100% natural and made from organic fruits and vegetables – a unique proposition that really stood out for us. We currently don’t have anything like it in our stores. We are believers in the simplicity of the natural ingredients and the purity of their formulas. We remain confident that our customers would benefit from having this innovative range of vitamin on our shelves. At the end of the day, at Chemist Warehouse, we only want what’s best for our customers, and you can’t get any better than natural products made from organic fruits and vegetables.”

“As the biggest retailer of vitamins in Australia, we have noticed the increasing demand from our customers for natural and organic ingredients, and products that are simply ‘better for you’. We are proud to be the exclusive retail partner of The Natural Vitamin Co. and acknowledge that this launch is truly revolutionary for the vitamin category in Australia,” he said.

The Natural Vitamin Co also has the support of six times world champion surfer, Stephanie Gilmore, as their Brand Ambassador. They feel she perfectly aligns with their values of embracing life in a natural and healthy way.

“Partnering with The Natural Vitamin Co. was an easy decision. As a professional surfer, I have to be so careful to give my body what it needs. Being sure I get my daily quota of vitamins and minerals helps me function at a peak performance level.  Where possible I believe natural is better, after all food is our fuel. To team up with an Australian business that produces natural vitamins made from organic fruit and vegetables is a great fit for me,” said Sarah Gilmore.

Dynamic Business spoke to Daniel Kitay, CEO of Natural Vitamin Co., to find out more about more about the business.

You started off with a legal degree. How did you become involved with the FMCG sector?

Law was a great base for me as it taught me a great work ethic and a very unique way of thinking. I was never interested in working in a law firm but understood that I would gain great value from being a lawyer. I was always more excited by running a business. Getting into FMCG is down to simply seizing a great opportunity that was presented to me.

How did idea for The Natural Vitamin Co. come about? 

The idea came about because the team identified that the vitamin brands that exist in Australia are made from synthetic ingredients, and aren’t as ‘good for you’ as they claim. We spent some time scoping out the market and realised it was ripe for a natural vitamin solution. So, we created Australia’s number one natural vitamin, made from fruit and vegetables.

What makes your vitamins different to others in the market?

All of the other vitamins use either synthetic ingredients, or use dangerous solvents and excipients in the manufacturing process. We’re all natural, and no chemicals. We believe that food is medicine, so we created a vitamin made from organic fruit and vegetables. Because of this, our vitamins contain the co-factors and co-nutrients that are found in fresh fruit. We’re simply ‘better for you’.

Some may say the vitamin market is saturated- how do you get ahead of the competition?

It is true that the current vitamin market is saturated. There is little difference between most of the big brands, except their marketing strategy. We were never going to be a me too, so we have to innovate and develop a product that was better than the rest. There’s been a sharp increase in the demand for all-natural products, as well as organic ingredients – and we deliver on both of these.

A completely natural vitamin has not been accessible to the Australian public to date. Why do you think this is so?

Innovation in Australia traditionally lags behind the rest of the world. This concept of completely natural vitamins made from organic fruit and vegetables has been really successful in other parts of the world, particularly the USA. We’re proud to be the first to market and really excited about our exclusive partnership with Chemist Warehouse.

Why have you decided to partner exclusively with Chemist Warehouse? What do you plan to achieve from this partnership?

As Chemist Warehouse is the biggest vitamin retailer in Australia, being stocked in their stores was always at the forefront of our strategy. Chemist Warehouse continues to experience significant growth in Australia and overseas. We are really excited about our launch, and how things will progress in the years to come.

Plans for the next year?

We have big growth plans in Australia and abroad, and the team is gearing up for a big 2019!

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