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Credit: Choong Deng Xiang

Tech Tuesday: Predictive analytics tools for SMEs

In a time characterised by the reliance on data to guide decisions, enterprises and institutions are continually exploring novel avenues to secure a competitive advantage. 

This endeavor has given rise to the advancement and prominence of predictive analytics solutions, fundamentally altering how we comprehend and leverage data. Positioned at the vanguard of this revolution, predictive analytics tools empower us to extract invaluable insights from extensive datasets and predict future patterns with remarkable precision.

In this week’s instalment of Tech Tuesday, we delve deep into our assortment of predictive analytics tools, unveiling their core principles, practical applications, and the substantial influence they exert in shaping the fabric of global industries and enterprises.


Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that simplifies the data preparation and predictive analytics process for SMEs. SMEs can easily blend, clean, and transform data from various sources, creating a foundation for accurate predictive modeling. Alteryx’s predictive tools enable SMEs to build, validate, and deploy predictive models, helping them uncover trends, optimize operations, and enhance decision-making.

Earlier this year, Alteryx announced new self-service and enterprise-grade capabilities to its Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform to help everyone – no matter their analytic skill level – turn data into actionable insights and make faster and more intelligent decisions. 


Amperity takes a comprehensive approach to unlocking the full potential of online and offline customer data. With Amperity, brands can build a first-party data foundation to fuel customer acquisition and retention, personalise experiences that build loyalty and manage privacy compliance.

Using patented AI and ML methods, Amperity stitches together all customer interactions to build a unified view that seamlessly connects to marketing and technology tools. Through strong identity resolution and broader datasets, brands have the data confidence to make decisions related to marketing spend.

Amperity provides off-the-shelf predictive analytics models that help brands define customer lifetime value (CLV) and churn propensity, then uses profiles to form rich segments for customer engagement and use cases across the organisation.

Amperity offers readily deployable models as well as custom solutions. Contact Amperity for pricing details.


Capitaliz is a digital advice platform that helps financial advisers and accountants prepare SME owners for a successful exit. It enables automatic valuations, benchmarking and guidance to reduce risk and increase valuation. The platform is able to support advisers in predicting how much an SME could be worth once the owner is ready to exit, and importantly, what the business needs to do to achieve maximum value. Business valuation has traditionally been a laborious manual process, however with the power of predictive AI, Capitaliz enables professional succession planning advice to be produced with speed and precision.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a versatile business intelligence tool that is particularly suitable for SMEs. It enables SMEs to connect to various data sources, transform data, and create dynamic visualizations. Power BI’s predictive analytics features allow SMEs to build forecasting models, identify correlations, and make predictions based on historical data.

Pronto Software

Launched July 2023, Pronto Xi BI Unlimited with IBM Cognos Analytics delivers advanced analytics and comprehensive insights for businesses, allowing them to gain a comprehensive view of their entire operations with unlimited data access to report and analyse all their critical business data together.

This includes data from Pronto Xi ERP as well as other sources, such as external financial systems, sales tools, online websites, weather and weather forecast, foot traffic trends, PLC controllers and IoT. In addition to gaining access to unlimited data sources, customers also have access to deeper insights leveraging IBM Cognos Analytics’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


ipSCAPE Insights has been developed for organisations dealing with growing customer expectations and delivery of fast, responsive support. With the ‘Predict’ toolkit, a component of ipSCAPE Insights, businesses can leverage historical data to accurately forecast staffing requirements. 

Built with a combination of historical and predictive analytics, ipSCAPE Insights analyses traffic handled by the contact centre and uncovers actionable customer experience insights. In turn, the toolkit forecasts future contact centre volumes and allows CX professionals to align resourcing with predictive models to ensure capacity is available when it is needed. 

The real-time capabilities of ipSCAPE Insights caters to dynamic business scenarios, enabling organisations to scale according to current and expected demand. This data-driven approach ensures businesses understand the right number of employees with the right skills to roster on, effectively managing CX workloads and enhancing customer experiences. 


Predictive analytics is predicated not only on where you get your data from but also when you can get it. Analysts now have to be agile to gather data from nearly any source, process it in and then visualize it in subsecond speed in order to stay ahead of the competition.

SnapLogic has automated data and application integration in one unified platform powered by AI, allowing analysts to create new pipelines in minutes and make informed decisions in seconds. With SnapLogic AutoSync, analysts can create new pipelines in a matter of minutes through a point-and-click interface, eliminating the need to code.

Neo4j Graph Data Science 

Neo4j Graph Data Science is an analytics and machine learning solution that analyses relationships in your data to improve predictions and discover insights. It plugs into data ecosystems so data science teams can get projects into production faster and generate compelling visualisations that lead to better decision-making.

Neo4j’s Graph Data Science framework enables businesses to combat fraud by identifying and predicting fraudulent activities and anomalies at scale, using existing connections between their data points. Graph data science empowers practitioners to rapidly explore, analyse, resolve, and predict fraud entities and patterns that would otherwise remain obfuscated and challenging to infer in other data models.

With Neo4j’s Graph Data Science framework, businesses can use the connections in their data to understand their customers’ needs, predict future behaviours and provide novel and relevant recommendations – resulting in a more personalised customer experience, higher conversion rates, customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Teletrac Navman TN360

The TN360 is an AI-powered telematics platform by Teletrac Navman that empowers businesses to optimise fleet operations and make confident decisions.

With real-time data analysis and actionable insights, TN360 breaks down data silos within organisations, providing clear visualisations and highlighting abnormal patterns in fleet data. It transforms vast volumes of information into valuable business insights, enabling cost reduction, increased efficiency, and proactive decision making. The platform combines artificial intelligence with human expertise, allowing fleet managers to identify areas of improvement and highlights specific problems.


Freshworks creates business software anyone can use. Purpose-built for IT, sales and marketing teams, Freshworks’ products leverage predictive analytics to provide quantifiable insights into the future. Predictive analytics makes it easier for businesses to identify and be prepared for any future events as well as react to any potential issues readily before they arise, improving productivity and efficiency.


Oracle Construction Intelligence Cloud (CIC) is a suite of analytics solutions that unlocks the power of construction data with predictive intelligence so teams can make informed, proactive decisions and drive continuous improvement across the areas of project Safety, Schedule, and Workflow risk.

By combining data from Oracle Smart Construction Platform applications and 3 rd party data sources, CIC uses AI-driven insights to help contractors and owners focus attention on the projects at greatest risk, explain why they are at risk and provide guidance on how to address that risk..

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