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Phone monitoring: Things to consider when purchasing spy software

If you’ve made the decision to add spy software to someone’s phone – it’s legal as long as you have legal ownership over the person’s phone to which you’re adding the software or app – your next step is to actually choose and purchase the right software for your needs.

While there are plenty of different products and features available on the market, the truth is that the best spy software for you is the one that you can use perfectly. After all, those bells and whistles won’t mean much if you can’t properly use them. Here are some other things to consider when it’s time to purchase spy software to monitor a phone.


The first thing you should look for on your hunt for the ideal spy software is a software or app’s overall features and capabilities. Some, for instance, give you the ability to download messages and photos remotely, while some will require you to be in possession of the phone to see what has been tracked and saved. Other phone spying software requires a monthly subscription for more features and monitoring. However, remember that you only need to pay for the features that you’ll actually use. A diagnostics report is great – unless you just want to know who your teen is texting.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a complete tech whiz or you’re still pretty new at this smartphone stuff, there’s an app or spy software that meets your needs with less of a learning curve. If you’re still new to technology, choose an app or program that allows you to track the cell phone remotely, with one dashboard and sign-in to streamline the process. Those who are more technologically savvy may prefer a program that has more advanced features, like third-party monitoring or the ability to track usage in real time.


There are essentially two types of spy software apps available on the market: those that are visible and those that are secret. For visible apps, there’s an icon on the phone that lets the person who owns the phone know that there is a specific app installed that allows you to see messages, online activity and phone logs. This works well if you’ve already notified the person that you will be monitoring the phone. If you prefer a more stealthy approach, you can opt for an invisible program, one that once installed is not visible on the home page or elsewhere, so the person you’re monitoring doesn’t know.


Your phone’s compatibility with certain programs and apps will rely on its operating system. While some apps are compatible across several platforms, you’ll need to check and make sure that  the spy software you choose is compatible with the phone you have, the three most popular being iOS, Android and Windows.

Reporting and Tracking

Some of the reporting and tracking that you’ll see on a monitored phone will have to be accessed on the phone itself. While you can install a password on the tracking app, the person whose phone you’re monitoring may have access to the tracking software. Other apps allow you to track remotely, which mean you can check in anytime and anyplace. Other programs allow you to check in online, seeing exactly where the phone has been, the messages sent and received, as well as online activity, allowing you to track the phone over a longer period of time.

Spy software is an ideal option for parents looking to track their teens’ online movements, or even organisations checking in on corporate phone use. Just make sure you choose the right type of spy software to meet your needs and give you all the information you want.

About the Author

This is a post by Dan McCarthy. Dan is a freelance writer and an occasional guest blogger interested in business, marketing and technology related topics.

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Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is a freelance writer and blogger who shares his business and law tips on various blogs. Dan is currently blogging on behalf of Mayo Wynne Baxter. In his spare time he loves to play tennis and football.

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