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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Heroes can shape the way a leader runs their business and inspire them to be the best they can be. It is important in the business world to have mentors and those to look up to.

Dynamic business asked experts how their heroes have influenced them in business.

Susie Bell, General Manger and Partner, Honner:

To this day my parents continue to influence the way I do business. Juggling professional careers with four kids – all with vastly different after-school schedules – multi-tasking was just a way of life in our household.

We were brought up with the mindset that we could achieve anything we put our minds to, with some hard work and discipline thrown in along the way.

My parents’ strong work ethic and can-do attitude has positively impacted my career and these are traits I actively seek out in new recruits. Of course, you want smart people who can do the job, but you also want a team you can trust and depend upon. It’s part of what makes our company culture so strong at Honner and is something we are incredibly proud of.

Despite all the ‘organised chaos’ happening in the background my parents always made time for the family, no matter what was going on. As partner in a growing PR and communications firm, and the mother of two small children, I am fortunate enough to have all the flexibility and support I could ask for – both at work and at home. So let’s just say the ‘finding balance’ part is a work in progress!

Nicolette Maury, VP and Managing Director, Intuit Australia:

My grandmother, Claudia Leach has always been a big hero of mine. She was a politician in an age where women rarely had careers outside of the home. She taught me the importance of personal values and staying true to those values in the face of resistance.

Intuit CEO Brad Smith taught me about balance as a leader, about retaining your integrity and empathy while still making tough decisions that are right for stakeholders.

Finally, they both taught me the value of diverse views when making important decisions. Finding those different perspectives is a powerful way to increase creativity and innovation, delivering better decisions every time.

Girl Geek Academy, CEO & Co-founder, Sarah Moran

My heroes are my fabulous support network who have kept me afloat through uncertanties and risks. I cannot stress the importance of having a solid support network enough- they give me the confidence and courage when I need it the most. That’s why I try to replicate the support the give me through Girl Geek Academy. I want to be there for Australian women who feel out of place in the male-dominated tech industry and offer my help and experience when they need it. The purpose of my business is also to create a network of support for other girls out there in this industry.

Tracy Hall, Marketing Director, GoDaddy ANZ

For a time I worked at Virgin Mobile and having the fearless leader Richard Branson at the helm exposed me to a business mentality that inspires me to this day. Always looking for ways to disrupt a traditional industry gave me insight and experience into challenging conventions and thinking.  When you come up against barriers and challenges, never take no for an answer – think creatively and just make it happen. There is a lot to be said for thinking like an entrepreneur within larger organisations and never forget the people come first. Always.

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