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2020 changed the way Australians live, work, and shop like never before. The COVID-19 restrictions encouraged many people once resistant to buying online to quickly embrace eCommerce. April alone saw over 200,000 first-time customers join the online marketplace, bringing the total number of Australian households buying something online each week to 2.5 million.

If you are looking to tap into this growing pool of digital shoppers, starting an online business is much easier than you’d think. Here’s 4 quick tips to get you started.

  1. Secure a Domain Name

A domain name is a URL you use for your website. All businesses in Australia are required to register for a domain name before you can secure a .com.au website address (which, as any reputable SEO company will tell you, is crucial) and you can use online tools ahead of time to check if the name you want is available. As you do this, keep in mind that an ideal domain name is short, memorable and related to your business.

  1. Build your website

First impressions count in the digital world and your website’s content, navigation, optimisation for mobile and overall design all impact how customers perceive the quality of your business. Before you begin building your website, take time to understand what information you need to communicate and map out how easily people will move from page-to-page, especially when making a purchase. When it comes to how your site will look – content management systems like ShopifyWix and Squarespace have a collection of professional templates for creating an online shop or, if you want something more branded and bespoke, consider hiring a freelance designer or digital marketing agency.

How to get your small business started online
  1. Get the right connection

Unlike bricks-and-mortar, you can only access your online business through your internet connection – so make sure you choose a provider you can whole-heartedly rely on. iiNet Business is a 5 star rated provider and has a range of affordable, high-speed NBN plans to suit any small business.

  1. Digital marketing

With your online business up and running, it’s time to swing open the digital doors and invite customers in. One of the most valuable marketing strategies for small businesses is to grow every customer’s lifetime value and there are many digital tools that help in this space. Remarketing through Google AdWords helps you stay on potential customers’ radar and social media is excellent for building brand loyalty – arguably the most valuable marketing method of all. 

How to get your small business started online

About iiNet Business

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, iiNet Business is powered by a team of friendly tech experts. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to all types of Aussie businesses, big or small. It’s the quality of service that sets us apart from other providers, which is why our Business NBN Plans have been rated 5 stars for Value for Money and Network performance by a leading Australian consumer website.

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