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Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney. Credit: EVX

The story of the two veterans behind EVX’s innovative solution

“Leave yourself with a buffer. As in most businesses, things just take longer, no matter how hard you try, and this is even more relevant in our case as we are rolling out infrastructure that involves working alongside local councils and government.”

Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney recognised the need for accessible, reliable, and affordable EV charging solutions to future-proof our local communities, leading to the creation of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure technology company, EVX.

Dynamic Business recently sat down with EVX co-founders and industry veterans, Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney, both former electricians and longtime friends, to delve into their journey.

The beginning

Kevin says: “I’ve been in electrical supply all my life. From being an electrician to working for major utility companies, and now this emerging sector. After 30 years, it’s exciting to be part of a major shift in the industry and how we, as a society, operate and move around.

Sean says: “EVX emerged from a clear market gap. Leveraging our electrical expertise, we wanted to explore why pole-mounted chargers hadn’t been done before. After looking at other global markets and how they were rolling out charging infrastructure, we understood the need for a distinctively Australian approach.”

The EVX Polecharger is the brand’s signature product. Unlike other charging tech, the Polecharger mounts directly onto existing electricity poles, allowing councils and other entities to better serve the growing demand for EV charging in a fast, scalable way.

“The EVX Polecharger had to be electrically robust, regulatory compliant, and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring minimal visual impact on the communities it serves. The result is a product that fits seamlessly onto existing infrastructure without requiring any major civil works – powered by 100% renewable energy and proudly made in Australia for Australia,” said Sean.

Overcoming the Public Charging Hurdle

Kevin and Sean wanted to be a part of the EV revolution and growth of EVs in Australia, and ultimately, help the country meet its commitments to lowering carbon emissions and net-zero goals. 

“By providing innovative solutions and partnering with local governments, utility distributors, and other stakeholders while focusing on affordability, reliability and sustainability, we’re contributing to the transition to EVs.”

“Our strategy of partnering with councils and electricity providers has really driven a lot of our growth in the past 12 months,” said Kevin.

To date, EVX has made agreements with Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy, and secured three-way partnerships in collaboration with the City of Newcastle, the City of Sydney, Byron Shire Council, Mid-Coast Council, and Wollongong City Council, and they’re set to grow these strategic partnerships and announce more with other key distributors and councils this year.

“When we started EVX, the core goal we had was to give people access to convenient, accessible EV charging. Over two million Australians live in apartment buildings, often without private parking, which leaves many EV owners or potential owners looking for charging options. 

“If you don’t have a garage, you’re probably not going to buy an EV right now. We need to scale up the public EV charging infrastructure to prepare Australians for this shift to EVs,” added Sean.

Beyond the Highway

EVX offers practical day-to-day charging based on typical consumer behaviour – beyond simply a highway-side rapid charge solution which, as EV uptake grows in Australia, may become inaccessible. What’s more, EVX’s technology is reliable and affordable, giving EV drivers minimal stress and the necessary confidence to make that transition to an EV, especially city-dwellers and those in apartments.

“Central to our point of difference are the insights and expertise we’ve gained from three decades of experience in the electricity distribution industry. Our understanding of the power network

 uniquely positions EVX to identify optimal EV charger locations without the need for additional power supply – an approach that circumvents the typically time-consuming and disruptive process associated with infrastructure upgrades,” said Sean.

“Our rapid deployment model, in collaboration with local utility providers, showcases an easily repeatable site design and installation process. The unique industrial design allows for swift electrical capacity and pole strength assessments, thanks to the unit’s lightweight nature and low electrical capacity requirements.

“By using AC power with smart charging capability, EVX Polechargers have a low impact on the local electricity grid while they can also be installed on the existing utility pole infrastructure, negating the need for disruptive civil works and ensuring a speedy rollout.”

Overcoming the Hurdles

We’ve made it our mission to overcome the hurdles faced by local governments, utility providers and EV drivers

“The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is well and truly here, but the path to widespread EV adoption comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to building understanding around this new ecosystem and cutting the red tape that comes with rolling out necessary charging infrastructure,” said Sean. 

“As with a lot of rapidly evolving technologies, regulatory frameworks and policies often don’t move ahead at the pace the technology requires. So, there has been a lot to do to educate stakeholders on the benefits and necessity of EV charging technology like EVX.”

“In the same vein, consumers have had years of mixed messages on EVs. Claims that EVs will “ruin the weekend” and false claims about the range and capability have impacted perceptions of EVs,” added Kevin.

“This is where we come in because we’ve pioneered a solution to address these challenges through scalable and robust public EV charging infrastructure. We’ve made it our mission to overcome the hurdles faced by local governments, utility providers and EV drivers,” concludes Sean.

Startup Wisdom

“Be prepared for incredible highs and lows,” said Sean.

“It can be very exciting at the beginning, but as you grow and develop, the challenges become greater, so it’s necessary to remember why you started your journey to keep you motivated through the tough times,” added Kevin.

Sean highlights the importance of being realistic about your financial expectations and timeframes: “Double your expected budget and timeframe,” he commented. 

Kevin agrees, adding: “Leave yourself with a buffer. As in most businesses, things just take longer, no matter how hard you try, and this is even more relevant in our case as we are rolling out infrastructure that involves working alongside local councils and government.”

Both agree that the startup journey is an exciting one: “Enjoy the ride, it’s mind-blowingly rewarding,” said Sean.

“It can be a rollercoaster, so enjoy the achievements when they come as you’ve worked hard for it!” added Kevin.

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