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Petr Adamek, CEO of Canberra Innovation Network

Petr Adamek, CEO of accelerator Canberra Innovation Network, shares insider secrets on startup success

Dynamic Business editor Loren Webb interviews Petr Adamek, the CEO at the Canberra Innovation Network who has both an extensive computer science & AI background and business background.

The Canberra Innovation Network helps budding entrepreneurs and startups through its programmes including accelerators, incubators, mentoring, funding and more.

Petr has a fascinating story of how he got to where he is now, and shares the experience and knowledge from his 20 year career on how to grow businesses. His current CEO role is due to simple Twitter networking and co-working spaces, and Petr talks about how important networking is in the startup phase and how you can find networking opportunities in your area.

The podcast delves into the real pain points of startups and how to solve them. From his extensive experience, Petr tells us about the most common mistakes he sees and how to avoid them on your journey.

As Petr has worked as a business growth consultant in many different countries, he had a unique position to comment on how Australian and New Zealand startups differ from those in Europe, highlighting the important considerations Aussies and New Zealanders should be bearing in mind.

It was fantastic to have Petr on the podcast and we’re excited to share his insights on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the startup world (hint: no successful entrepreneur has ever been described as lazy!).

You can learn more about the ways Canberra Innovation Network help startups here. To find out more about the monthly networking event they host for startups, that Petr mentions in the episode, click here.

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