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Drive passive business revenue through triggered emails

Image Credit: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Drive Passive Business Revenue Through Triggered Emails

If you want your email marketing strategy to bring in passive revenue for the business even while you are on a vacation, you ought to invest in a robust email automation tool. Whether you are an email marketer in the eCommerce industry, travel industry, or any B2B or SaaS industry, sending behavior-based triggered emails is a must for every business, irrespective of the industry. 

A report by Get Response has revealed that triggered emails perform a lot better than newsletters and autoresponders. 

triggered emails are more effective than newsletters

Before we move on to the different types of triggered emails, we shall discuss the benefits of sending such emails. 

Advantages of Triggered Emails

  1. As triggered emails are sent in response to subscriber’s activity, they are more likely to get opened and drive conversions. 
  2. These emails facilitate customer retention by bringing in repeat sales. 
  3. By sending triggered emails, you can build trust and boost customer loyalty. 
  4. You can also upsell and cross-sell relevant products through triggered emails. 
  5. Setting triggered email workflows saves you of all the manual intervention and lets you focus on business growth. 

Now that you know the importance of triggered emails, we shall talk about the must-have triggered emails.

1. Welcome Emails

Take a look at these figures:

comparing click-through rates

This huge difference is because of the fact that your subscribers are looking forward to receiving welcome emails as soon as they sign up. 

You can build a stronger rapport with the customers with the help of these emails. If you want your welcome emails to bring the best results, a sequence of three to five emails works the best. 

Office sends out three emails in their welcome series and each one serves a different purpose. 

In the first email, they have welcomed the new subscriber and informed them about the USPs. 

welcome email

The second email showcases all the best-selling products to entice the user to make the first purchase.

Best-selling products

The third email tries to learn about the subscriber’s birthdate to send out personalized offer emails on their special day. 

2. Browse Abandonment Emails

Birthday offer

Quite often, people will search for something on your website and then just leave. A browse abandonment email can help you bring these customers back and make the purchase. Use this opportunity to share the features of the products searched for and share related product recommendations. 

For example: 

Here is a browse abandonment email by Silver Street Jewellers. Also, see how they have shared popular jewellery items to increase the order value.  


Increase order value

Check this browse abandonment email from Really Good Emails in which they have tried to help the customer with three easy steps.

Three easy steps

3. Cart Abandonment Emails

In March 2020, Statista reported the abandonment of 88.05% online shopping carts. To overcome the challenge of these lost sales, you must send out cart recovery emails. These emails accounted for 34% conversion rate and 11% of all email orders. 

Just like welcome emails, you must send out a series of cart abandonment emails to get the customers to make the purchase. 

ASICS has nailed their cart abandonment emails by adding attractive visuals and best sellers. 

attractive visuals

4. Transactional Emails

Your customers are curious to know the order status as soon as they have placed it. No wonder, order confirmation emails show an open rate of around 60%. 

Different types of transactional emails are:-

  1. Password reset emails
  2. Subscription confirmation emails
  3. Order confirmation emails
  4. Emails sharing the shipment status
  5. Order delivery emails
  6. Subscription cancellation emails

You can use the order-related emails to the maximum potential by highlighting the new arrivals or best sellers that would complement the previous purchases.   

Take a look at how Amazon drafts their transactional emails with all the important information about the order and some popular products that the customer would like to buy. 

popular products

5. Re-engagement Emails

It is five times more expensive to acquire a customer than retaining an existing one. In order to give a leg up to your customer retention efforts, re-engagement emails are of utmost importance. You can use these emails to share latest updates that the subscriber might have missed out on and pique their curiosity. 

Some of the re-engagement email tips are:

i. Personalize the emails.

ii. Allow the subscribers to set their preferences.

iii. Remind them why they signed up in the first place.

iv. Share interesting industry updates that the subscriber would love to learn about.

v. Send a series of two to three re-engagement emails. 

Here is a series of two re-engagement emails by Simpl. 

The engaging copy, attractive offer, and clear CTA make these email templates all the more effective. 

Email 1:

attractive offer

Email 2:

attractive offer

If none of these tips work, the last resort is to allow the subscribers to opt out of your emails. 

6. Occasion-based Emails

Omnisend has revealed that eCommerce businesses sending out birthday emails to their customers see a 45% open rate, 12% click-through rate, and 3% conversion rate. This does to show that your customers love availing exclusive offers and discounts on their special days. 

See how Nike sends out a visually rich birthday email to their subscribers. 

occasion based visually rich email

Wrapping Up

Triggered emails can take your subscriber experience to the next level and bring in additional profit for your business. Have you employed this tactic yet?

If not, NOW is the right time to invest in it. Automation tools like Mailchimp, Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce can help you do it.

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