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Business sustainability through innovation

As more businesses big and small look for ways to decrease their carbon footprint, many are finding interesting ways to innovate.

Business products and services provider Staples is one such company, recently launching its Sustainable Earth by Staples range of recycled staplers and calculators in Australia.

Matt Fink of Staples said the range is part of the company’s aim to make it easy for businesses to lessen their impact on the environment.

“Our customers are making a positive impact on the amount of ink and toner cartridges that find their way into landfill,” Fink said.

The products are made from recycled casings from ink and toner cartridges sourced from Staples’ recycling partners Cart Collect, who recycle over 71 million cartridges from Staples customers around the world each year.

A cartridge casing can be used up to eight times unless there’s a fault in the casing. Staples uses these faulty cartridges and those at the end of their life cycle to manufacture the staplers and calculators.

Hilda Sung, head of the Own Brands range at Staples, said the demand for the products has exceeded the company’s expectations, with customers keen to do their part for the environment.

“We really look at how to focus on innovation and sustainability. It’s a nice example of a creative approach to expanding the life cycle of a product, really thinking about every single step and making the best of it,” Sung said.

According to Sung, the range is one of the company’s most popular in Australia and New Zealand.

“It strikes a really nice balance. It has a strong set of environmental features, it’s a really good quality product, and it offers great value. It strikes at all three aspects of a great product with sustainable features,” Fink said.

The 8-digit display calculator and stapler won Best Eco Product in this year’s Australian Business Awards.

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