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Workato is a powerful platform that harnesses the power of AI-driven integration and automation to streamline workflows and processes across organizations. With one platform for intelligent integration and workflow automation, teams in IT, marketing, HR, finance, sales, support, and product can power up and accelerate their operations.

By combining integration, automation, and AI, Workato democratizes technology and enables transformation at a faster pace. The platform enables users to improve process efficiency and deliver seamless experiences by unifying integration and automation with AI on a single platform. This eliminates tool fragmentation, drives productivity, bridges data silos, and reduces technical debt.

With Workato, businesses can transform traditional processes into intelligent systems by infusing AI into their operations. AI@Work empowers users to easily build integrations and automations with tools like Copilots, Worktbots, and LLMs, enabling the democratization of technology.

Workato offers a complete and flexible solution that allows businesses to respond to changing demands easily on a trusted cloud-native platform. By shifting focus from resource optimization to lowering operational costs with automatic provisioning, governance, and scale, businesses can accelerate time-to-value and deliver integrations and automations faster.

The platform includes over 1200 pre-built connectors, workflows, and proven architectures to help drive business efficiency using generative AI seamlessly integrated into work processes. Workato also offers pre-packaged solutions like Automation Training Manager, Sales Process & Forecasting Alignment, Workday HR Integration, and Software License Optimization to address specific business needs and accelerate productivity.

Overall, Workato empowers organizations to optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation by leveraging the power of AI-driven integration and automation on a unified platform.

Workato – Features

  • AI-driven integration and automation
  • One platform for intelligent integration and workflow automation
  • Powerful trio: integration, automation, and AI
  • Improve process efficiency with a single platform
  • Transform traditional processes with AI@Work
  • Complete and flexible cloud-native platform
  • Speed up integrations and automations with AI
  • Pre-packaged solutions for automation training, sales process alignment, Workday HR integration, and software license optimization

Workato – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo and trial.

Visit workato.com for more.

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