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TLDRThis: Your ultimate tool for information overload

TLDRThis is a powerful business tool that specializes in summarizing any piece of text with just a click. In a world where information overload is a common issue, TLDR This aims to help individuals free themselves from the overwhelming amount of content by providing concise and easy-to-digest summaries.

The tool offers various features, including the ability to enter an article URL or paste text directly, upload files, and use browser extensions for quick summarization of webpages. With its clever AI technology, TLDR This automatically analyzes and condenses lengthy articles into shorter, more digestible content, making it easier for users to read, understand, and act on the information presented.

Apart from summarization, TLDR This also extracts essential metadata such as author and date information, related images, and estimated reading time, consolidating all necessary information in one place for efficient reading. The tool ensures distraction and ad-free reading, eliminating ads, popups, graphics, and other online distractions to enhance focus and comprehension.

Moreover, TLDR This helps users avoid the clickbait trap by filtering weak arguments and speculation, focusing on the most relevant points to provide a quick comprehension of the essence without the need to sift through unnecessary paragraphs. This feature increases efficiency in consuming information, allowing more time for valuable content.

TLDR This caters to a wide range of users, including students, writers, teachers, institutions, and journalists, who need to quickly understand the essence of lengthy content. Whether it is for studying, writing, teaching, corporate use, or journalism, TLDR This provides a convenient solution for summarizing and condensing information into a format that is easy to digest and comprehend. Anyone with access to the internet can benefit from this tool by quickly getting the gist of a long article and then deciding whether to delve deeper into the original content.

TLDR This – Features

  • Summarize any piece of text into concise content
  • Browser extensions for summarizing any webpage
  • Automatic article summarization with a click
  • Extracts essential metadata from articles
  • Provides distraction and ad-free reading experience
  • Avoids clickbait traps and filters weak arguments
  • Designed for students, writers, teachers, institutions, and journalists
  • Easy tool for quickly understanding lengthy content

TLDR This – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial and demo.

Visit tldrthis.com for more.

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