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Textio: Unleash the power of inclusive hiring and feedback

Textio is a business tool that aims to help organizations build diverse and high-performing teams by removing bias from various aspects of the hiring and employee development processes. They offer solutions for inclusive recruiting, equitable feedback, and partnerships to support customers in their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals.

One of the key features of Textio is its ability to eliminate bias in job postings, sourcing emails, and employer brand content. By guiding recruiting teams to use inclusive and on-brand language, Textio ensures that job posts and candidate outreach attract a wider range of qualified candidates, preventing hidden bias from shrinking the candidate pool. They claim that over a million people have applied to jobs written in Textio.

In addition to inclusive recruiting, Textio also provides a solution for equitable feedback. Their tool empowers managers to give fair and actionable performance feedback to every member of their team. By removing bias from performance reviews, Textio aims to create a more equitable environment where all employees have equal opportunities for growth and development.

Textio also offers partnerships to expand the reach of their tool and support customers in their DEI goals. By teaming up with Textio, talent leaders can gain access to a larger audience of talent and receive assistance in using language that promotes diversity and inclusion.

Furthermore, Textio recently introduced a new feature called Textio Lift, which focuses on employee development. This feature provides bias-free, actionable performance feedback for every employee, aiming to create a more equitable and supportive environment for growth and advancement.

Textio – Features

  • Inclusive recruiting
  • Equitable feedback
  • Partnerships
  • Training and transforming hiring pipeline
  • Optimizing job posts to appeal to a broad range of candidates
  • Scaling an employer brand consistent with company values
  • Efficient and faster job post writing with less back-and-forth
  • Designed for smart recruiting at scale

Textio – Pricing

Available upon request. Free demo available.

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