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SmartyMeet: Revolutionizing your hiring journey with BOE AI

SmartyMeet is a revolutionary business tool designed to streamline the recruitment process using advanced AI technology. At the core of this platform is BOE, an intelligent recruitment partner that guides businesses through every step of the hiring journey, from crafting job descriptions to post-interview analyses.

BOE offers a range of features to assist recruiters in finding the perfect candidate for their team. With tailored job descriptions and seamless integration with applicant tracking systems, BOE saves approximately 70% of the time spent on manual job description creation. The platform also provides deep candidate profiling with insights extracted from CVs and LinkedIn profiles, ensuring accurate rankings based on role alignment.

During the pre-interview phase, BOE offers automatic scheduling, tailored interview questions, and HR specialist preparation, transforming the process into a streamlined and efficient experience. The platform also facilitates interviews by transcribing and translating conversations into 45 different languages, ensuring clarity and understanding for all parties involved.

After the interview, BOE provides detailed meeting summaries, collaborative decision-making tools, and growth recommendations for candidates. These features help businesses make informed decisions based on consistent insights gathered throughout the recruitment process.

In addition to recruitment tools, SmartyMeet offers high-impact products such as GPT-driven chat experiences and high-definition video conferencing services. These tools are designed to enhance business operations and support today’s digital enterprise.

Overall, SmartyMeet’s innovative features, including AI-driven insights, advanced video conferencing capabilities, and multilingual transcription services, make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their recruitment processes and improve candidate interactions. With BOE as a trusted AI companion, businesses can transform their hiring journey into a seamless and efficient process.

SmartyMeet – Features

  • Craft tailored job descriptions with AI assistant BOE
  • Streamlined candidate profiling with data collection and role compatibility evaluation
  • Pre-interview preparation with automatic scheduling and tailored questions
  • Conduct interviews with transcription and translation capabilities, and an autopilot option
  • Post-interview analysis with detailed meeting summaries and collaborative decision-making
  • Provide feedback and growth recommendations for candidates with seamless ATS integration
  • Future-focused tagging for prospective job placements and recruitment campaigns
  • High-definition video conferencing with end-to-end encryption and AI-enhanced features

SmartyMeet – Pricing

SmartyMeet offers four pricing plans for businesses of different sizes. The Startup plan is $45/month, Growth plan is $135/month, Expansion plan is $295/month, and Corporate plan is $780/month. Each plan includes various features such as open jobs, Employee Profile Analytics, and unlimited video calls.

Visit smartymeet.com for more.

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