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Rebank: Simplifying tax compliance for global expansion

Rebank is a business tool designed to help fast-growing businesses stay tax compliant and streamline their intercompany agreements. Backed by Y Combinator, Rebank offers a fast, fixed fee solution that eliminates the need for expensive lawyers and accountants who bill by the hour.

With Rebank, businesses can generate precise intercompany agreements for global expansion, ensuring compliance with local laws and tax regulations in multiple jurisdictions. By automating the process of creating intercompany agreements, Rebank saves businesses time and eliminates the headache of navigating complex tax rules.

The tool also provides services agreements, equity conversion agreements, and loan agreements to ensure all transactions between entities are properly documented. By simplifying the process of transferring money between subsidiaries, Rebank helps businesses maintain solid financial records for investors and shareholders.

By utilizing Rebank, businesses can focus on acquiring new customers and growing their operations, while leaving the paperwork and compliance to the experts. With Rebank, businesses can expedite cash flow and instill confidence in their stakeholders by ensuring all necessary documentation is in place. Overall, Rebank is a valuable tool for businesses looking to simplify their tax compliance processes and minimize the risk of fines or audits.

Rebank – Features

  • Generate precise intercompany agreements
  • Leave tax compliance to Rebank
  • Fast, fixed fee solution
  • Intercompany agreement without headaches or legal speak
  • Compliance in multiple jurisdictions
  • Eliminate risk for investors during audits
  • Get cash in the bank earlier
  • Intercompany docs for every transfer

Rebank – Pricing

Lite plan is priced at $2,000 per entity and includes compliant intragroup loans document, work monitoring, implementation support, and document signing. Autopilot plan offers tax optimization, regulated transactions support, and benchmarking. Growth plan provides CbCR, Master & Local files, and guidance for new entities. Contact for pricing.

Visit rebanknow.com for more.

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