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Planful: Revolutionize financial performance

Planful is a powerful business tool designed to empower teams to drive financial success and take control of their company’s financial performance. With Planful, businesses can unlock financial agility and make more impactful decisions across various departments including finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, sales, IT, and operations.

The Planful Financial Performance Platform is purpose-built with financial intelligence and requires minimal IT effort, making it easy for all users and teams to adopt. The platform offers unrivaled forecasting accuracy through native AI-driven technology, real-time collaboration, and an intuitive user experience. This allows businesses to focus on achieving results quickly and efficiently.

One of the key features of Planful is its endless scalability, allowing businesses to grow without compromising performance. With role-based security and controls, teams can manage complex and challenging financial processes with ease. Planful enables businesses to identify opportunities, evaluate scenarios, and confidently course-correct to drive success.

Moreover, Planful is committed to providing unparalleled customer support, experienced guidance, and an ecosystem of domain experts to help businesses reach peak financial performance. By partnering with Planful, businesses can drive prosperity for their customers, employees, and the communities they impact.

In a nutshell, Planful is a comprehensive financial planning and analysis solution that revolutionizes the way businesses plan, close, and report. It is a powerful tool that enables teams to collaborate effectively, make informed decisions, and achieve financial success in a constantly evolving business landscape.

Planful – Features

  • Speed, insights, and confidence for guiding business growth
  • Plan, budget, and forecast alignment with strategic objectives
  • Scenario analysis to explore options and pivot when needed
  • Rolling forecasts for accurate and frequent planning
  • Financial consolidation to centralize data and reduce risks
  • Financial close management to automate monthly close processes
  • Marketing planning with goals, campaigns, budgets, and metrics integration
  • Sales planning at every level with real-time adjustment and scenario running.

Planful – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit planful.com for more.

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