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Moveworks is an AI-powered copilot tool that aims to automate employee support and enhance their productivity across various business systems. With the help of generative AI, Moveworks empowers employees to find answers, automate tasks, and create content effortlessly.

The tool provides a copilot interface that offers a fluid user experience by allowing employees to ask follow-up questions dynamically, auto-translate messages, generate summaries, provide citations, and more. This interface ensures that employees can efficiently navigate and utilize Moveworks’ capabilities.

One of the key features of Moveworks is task automation, which enables employees to automate tasks across different business applications. This can entail activities such as updating security groups, booking paid time off (PTO), and submitting purchase orders (POs). By automating these repetitive tasks, employees can save time and focus on more impactful work.

Moveworks also offers ticket automation, streamlining the process of filing and managing support tickets. It can automate ticket filing, routing status updates, and other ticket-related tasks across all department-specific ticketing systems. This ensures that support tickets are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Another significant feature is Moveworks’ enterprise search capability, which empowers employees to search for knowledge, files, and data across all business applications. This reduces the time spent on manually searching for information and enables employees to access the required data easily.

Moveworks also provides data lookups, allowing employees to search for any piece of structured data within their business applications or data warehouses using a conversational interface. This makes data retrieval more convenient and efficient.

The tool offers knowledge management functionality that speeds up content creation by utilizing generative AI and company data. It helps fill knowledge gaps and ensures that employees have access to up-to-date and accurate information.

Moveworks enables automatic employee notifications for ticket updates, approvals, outage detections, and more. This keeps employees informed and ensures timely actions.

The tool facilitates approval workflows and accelerates the approval processes by up to 97% without compromising compliance. This helps streamline decision-making and reduces bottlenecks.

Moveworks also supports internal communication by enabling critical communications that drive action. It allows businesses to reach employees effectively and ensure important messages are received and acted upon.

With an adaptable machine learning architecture, Moveworks can seamlessly swap out models, incorporating foundation models, fine-tuned models, and their own MoveLM. This ensures the tool’s ability to continuously improve and adapt to changing business environments.

The tool’s proprietary data and infrastructure are based on training models on over 500 million examples of workplace language. It is hosted on Moveworks’ own infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

Moveworks – Features

  • Automate IT support – Provision software, reset passwords, troubleshoot issues.
  • AI-powered employee experience – Book time off, understand benefits & payroll policies, send employee-wide communications.
  • Conversationalize finance workflows – Submit purchase orders, understand T&E policies, make 401k elections, lookup accounting data.
  • Search GTM tools in chat – Update opportunity information, lookup account data, approve deal discounts.
  • Make content discoverable – Find brand guidelines, create copy based on product messaging, receive marketing updates.
  • Automate DevOps workflows – Update engineering tasks, provision cloud storage credentials, find on-call engineer, check build environment status.

Moveworks – Pricing

Available upon request. Free demo available.

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