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LudoAi: Empowering game studios with Ai

LudoAi is a powerful business tool designed to empower game studios with artificial intelligence. By supercharging your team’s efficiency, LudoAi offers a full suite of AI-powered tools including a Game Concept Tool, Game Ideator, Image Generator, Market Analysis Tool, Top Charts Blender, and more. With data-driven insights, LudoAi helps you make informed game development decisions by identifying market trends, themes, and content for your next hit game.

One of the standout features of LudoAi is its AI-generated ideas that can help eliminate creative blocks and fuel creativity. By quickly generating new game concepts, elements, mechanics, and more, LudoAi ensures that your team stays innovative and ahead of the competition. Additionally, LudoAi offers a comprehensive game development resource with features like Game & Image Search, Stats, and Image Generation all consolidated in one efficient platform.

The tool also offers Jaw-Dropping Image Generation capabilities, allowing users to generate unique and visually stunning images for their game concepts. With options for different genres and art styles, LudoAi ensures that your game visuals are eye-catching and engaging. Whether you need assistance with game ideation and creation, trends monitoring, smart research, or boosting productivity, LudoAi is the all-in-one accelerator for game studios. By saving your team hours of design time and providing easy organization features, LudoAi streamlines the game development process and helps you create the next chart-topping game.

LudoAi – Features

  • Game Concept Tool
  • Game Ideator
  • Image Generator
  • Search The Market
  • Daily Market Trends
  • Market Analysis Tool
  • Top Charts Blender
  • Smart Research
  • Organize and Boost Productivity

LudoAi – Pricing

LudoAi offers a 7-day free trial with monthly and annual pricing plans. The Indie plan is $15/month for 1 seat, while the Studio plan is $40/month for 3 seats and unlimited projects. Educators, students, and non-profits can request reduced pricing.

Visit ludo.ai for more.

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