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Lex Machina: Unmatched legal insights for winning your case

Lex Machina is a powerful business tool that offers Legal Analytics to help users predict the behavior of courts, judges, lawyers, and parties in legal cases. What sets Lex Machina apart from other analytic tools is its accurate, complete, and transparent analytic data, along with exclusive outcome analytics that are only available through their platform.

One of the key features of Lex Machina is its unique Outcome Analytics™, which provide critical information such as damages, findings, resolutions, and remedies from past cases. This data is essential for understanding case outcomes and determining winning strategies. Additionally, the Case List Analyzer™ tool allows users to quickly find relevant cases by using exclusive practice-specific filters and tags, making it easier to build comprehensive case lists based on actual pleadings documents.

Lex Machina also offers Quick Tools that allow users to instantly compare judges, parties, or law firms, create winning motions, explore patent portfolios, and analyze expert witnesses. This instant access to information can save time and streamline the legal research process.

Another advantage of Lex Machina is its patented Attorney Data Engine™, which ensures accurate lawyer appearance records by correcting and adding missing counsel data. This data is obtained through document-based analysis, providing insights that other systems may miss.

Additionally, Lex Machina is known for its transparent sources, allowing users to track the origin of the information and drill down to the underlying dockets and documents. By providing definitions and clear sourcing, users can trust the data they are analyzing and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Lex Machina – Features

  • Unique outcomes analytics
  • Case List Analyzer for finding relevant cases
  • Quick Tools for instant comparison and exploration
  • Accurate Attorney Data Engine
  • Transparent sources for showing work and drilling down
  • Unmatched insights on courts, judges, lawyers, law firms, and parties
  • Updated data every 24 hours
  • Comprehensive and exclusive practice-specific filters and tags.

Lex Machina – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit lexmachina.com for more.

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