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Hazy: Set your data free with synthetic data solutions

Hazy is a leading synthetic data platform that offers innovative solutions to re-engineer data, making it faster, easier, and safer to use for organizations worldwide. With a clientele including industry giants such as Accenture, BMW, and Vodafone, Hazy is trusted by some of the world’s most ambitious companies to unlock the potential of their data.

In today’s data-driven world, the value of data has never been higher, yet privacy demands and regulations often restrict access to valuable information. Hazy addresses this challenge by pioneering a new approach that enables organizations to actually use their data, empowering them to make better decisions, develop new technologies, and deliver increased value to their customers.

Through their synthetic data solutions, Hazy helps organizations transform their digital infrastructure, accelerate the adoption of AI, empower business intelligence, unlock faster innovation, and commercialize enterprise data. By creating and deploying realistic test data, organizations can validate new systems and technologies, build and improve AI algorithms, generate accurate analytics, validate new products and vendors, and identify new ways to monetize their data.

Hazy stands out for being the first company to bring synthetic data to market as a viable enterprise product. Their technology ensures highly reliable data that mirrors the patterns, statistical properties, and correlations of the source data, all while maintaining extreme security by installing the software next to the source environment.

With the support of a Customer Success Manager, organizations can easily deploy Hazy’s synthetic data solutions through tailored onboarding programs. The pricing model is straightforward and scalable, from single table deployments to enterprise-wide implementation.

In conclusion, Hazy’s pioneering technology is revolutionizing the way organizations access and utilize their data, generating real value and driving innovation in the digital age.

Hazy – Features

  • Transform digital infrastructure with realistic test data
  • Accelerate adoption of AI with safe, high-quality data
  • Empower business intelligence with accurate analytics
  • Unlock faster innovation by sharing data internally and externally
  • Commercialise enterprise data to generate revenue
  • Highly reliable synthetic data
  • Extremely secure software installation
  • Easily deployed with tailored onboarding programs

Hazy – Pricing

Hazy offers a free plan for new users with limited data rows and columns. They also have Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans for different user needs, starting at $500/month and going up to $2000/month, with custom pricing for Enterprise firms.

Visit hazy.com for more.

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